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Yeni Öğe (english)
Yeni Öğe (english)


The Faculty of Law aims to be an internationally accredited faculty that produces highly employable graduates.

The Faculty of Law trains qualified lawyers who can view matters of law from different perspectives and have a command of the basic concepts and research areas of jurisprudence, universal legal principles, national and international positive law regulations as well as theoretical knowledge of law.

Graduates of the Faculty have a great variety of job opportunities. They can become judges or prosecutors depending on their success in national exams, or can work as solo practitioner attorneys after completing their legal internship. In addition, they can specialize in conflict resolution methods, which constitute a career alternative that is lately gaining prominence. Furthermore, they can be lawyers in the legal consultancy offices of various public institutions or work as experts in various regulatory and supervisory institutions. If they wish, they can also hold positions such as district governor and governor in local administrations.



Academic Staff

1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors, 36 Research Assistants.

Opportunities Provided By The Department

Students of the faculty can pursue a double major with the Departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Journalism, Theology, Civil Engineering, Public Finance, Psychology, History, and Management Information Systems. The faculty also offers a minor program in Law to Sakarya University students. There are ERASMUS agreements with Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal and Romania in addition to MEVLÂNA foreign exchange agreements with Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Pakistan and Russia. The department also has agreements with various universities in Turkey as part of the FARABI program.

Quota: 246

Period of Study: 4 Years

Score Type: Equally-Weighted