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Dean Message

All my dear students, you have accomplished to become a law student and arrived to a very important phase of your lives. I congradulate and thank all of you for your choice and share the same happiness. Our aim as a faculty is to educate you as individuals who are open minded, bounded by the principles and embraced the toleration.

In order to achive these goals, our faculty is equipied by a wide range of technologic hardware; is operating by dynamic and devoted academic and administrative staff. Our syllabus are in accordance with the European Universities and Bologna process. In addition with the basic administrative and private law lectures, we provide other classes required for the globalisation. We offer both basic lectures and wide range of elective courses. We have virtual court houses to implement the theorical knowledge.

We are aware that law is not solely about lectures held in classrooms, hence we organize seminars, conferences and panells exhibited by the law implementators. Thus, our students will have the opportunity to meet the practical implementation of their theoritcal knowledge by the time they graduate. You have been registered to a law faculty to be proud of. We believe that you will benefit in the most effective way from the opportunities offered by both our faculty and university. Our faculty welcomes any individual to offer a qualified law education. I cannot stress enough that you will have to study hard to keep up with the alteration in law and to have a law perspective to any kind of problem. And I have faith in you that you will accomplish these requirements. With all these thoughts and feelings, I wish all of you best of luck.